George Dfouni


George Dfouni, known as GD, a Lebanese American Businessman that specialize in operating Hotels across the United States of America. His Passion growing up in Lebanon and England was music. in 2009, GD decided to turn his passion and dream into reality and he started singing. GD recorded numerous songs and music videos. 41 of his songs were in top 10 in the charts in his native country of Lebanon and the Middle East. GD has worked with some of the industry leaders from writers, composers and arrangers. The list includes, Jack Al Haddad, Samir Sfeir, Mounir Bou Assaf, Ahmad Madi, Ahmad Abdel Nabi, Bassem Yehya, Salim Assaf, Nasser El Assaad, Ahmad Mostafa, Sherif Hamdi, Enad Khouri, Walid El Massih, Dany Helou and Omar Sabbagh